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[at-l] "I'll see you later"


Haven't you met Mrs. Purtlebaugh?  Ah well, she weren't one to toot her own horn so to speak.  She's a grand ol' Dame that somehow
always understood the workings of a young boy's mind.  Follow the link and Felix will introduce you to her....


Tenacious Tanasi
   (Shelly Hale)
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Huh??? Dave

At 10:31 PM 4/13/2005, Felix wrote:
>The day could not have been more perfect. The cool breeze blew through 
>sun-warmed air and every leaf in town danced to its song. Big, white 
>clouds occasionally cast their shadows on the sidewalk as they floated 
>across the blue sky, headed no where.
>Mrs. Purtlebaugh was inside getting dressed. Perfume and laughter filled 
>the air and she was headed somewhere.
>"Will you be alright alone for a while?" she asked through the front 
>screen door. "I have to get there early to help set up the tables."
>"Yeah, I guess," I said, having no clue what could possibly go wrong with 
>me laying on the porch watching the sky through the swaying limbs of a 
>maple tree.
>"Okay, then." A moment later I could hear her voice in the backyard 
>talking to Mrs. Thacker. I couldn't understand the words, but I knew they 
>were saying something good.
>I was watching a wasp darting back and forth along the eaves as Mrs. 
>Purtlebaugh and her Dodge Dart creaked they're way into the street. This 
>was as close to being in a hurry as Mrs. Purtlebaugh had ever been.
>She wanted to make sure that all the red paper plates were put on the 
>tables with white tablecloths. And, that all of the cups and spoons and 
>forks were blue. When she cared about something, she cared about it with 
>all of her being. There was importance in it somewhere, and the good in 
>that was everywhere.
>When the breeze blew just right, I could hear the band at the high school 
>practicing. At least I thought they were practicing. I heard horns and 
>drums and sometimes whistles, but it didn't sound like a song at all.
>I knew Ken Benson. But, not his bother, Vincent. Vincent had been gone for 
>a while. I'd seen his sister, Carol, driving his old pick-up truck once in 
>a while. I knew it was his because of the 'VLB' on the front license 
>plate. She could barely see over the steering wheel.
>There were signs about town, in front yards and store windows. Even the 
>marquee at the Indiana Theatre said something about it. Vincent was coming 
>home from where ever he'd been. People seemed to be pretty happy about that.
>Felix J. McGillicuddy
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>"Your Move"
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