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[at-l] Inflammation

Hey all,
Since we've all experienced "inflammation" after a day's hike, I 
thought this article was useful and worthy of tossing into the pot. 
Take from it what you like, leave the rest.

In case that last bit was missed:
"Take from it what you like, leave the rest."

Interesting article on inflammation, Bextra/Vioxx, and natural ways to 
avoid inflammation, so I forward:


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Subject: Dr. Northrup's April 2005 E-Letter
Date: 13 Apr 2005 11:02:37 -0000
From: DrNorthrup.com <membership@drnorthrup.com>
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Dear friend,

Ever since the popular anti-inflammatory drug Vioxx was removed from 
the market in the fall of 2004, there have been many questions raised 
about the safety of other drugs in its class. And just last week, 
Bextra was removed from the market after studies confirmed that it 
increased the risk of heart, stomach, and skin problems. Since the 
fall, there have also been numerous reports in the media, some of 
which have been conflicting. Because I think this is such an important 
topic, I decided to devote the entire April e-letter to this subject. 
In this issue, I discuss how you can avoid the risks of these often 
over-subscribed anti-inflammatory drugs and explain how you can 
decrease inflammation naturally and safely.

To read the full text of the April e-letter, click on the following 
link:  http://www.drnorthrup.com/eletter-current.php


Christiane Northrup, M.D.

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