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>"...The few years Wingy was officially 
involved the ATC guide was little more than Maret's original publication with 
some updated motel prices," claims tj.

Sorry. But I have in front of me the 1993 guide, which was published by the Appalachian Trail Conference with name of Dan "Wingfoot" Bruce on the front cover. It is a bound book of 189 pages and a laudatory brief biography of Dan on the cover and noting that "in the past 10 years, he has given more than 12,000 hours of volunteer service to the Appalachian Trail and other outdoor recreation projects...."

The notes also report that the Thru-Hikers Handbook is a companion to the AT Data Book "also published by the Appalachian Trail Conference."

Around here somewheres is the 1991 version of the handbook, which is also of the same format and approximate number of pages. Both are far more than Darrell Maret's "mimeograph sheets."

The 2003 edition of the Thru-hikers Handbook is slightly smaller than the 1993 version. (half inch shorter and a half inch narrower) and contains 177 pages, despite the addition of the basic data-book information. It looks to me as though Wingfoot (not "Wingy," TJ) used a smaller type size to make it all fit.

The 2003 edition thanks the ATC for providing Wingfoot with the information from the data-book. Despite the reports TJ has heard, I suspect the ATC would have protested had Wingfoot used it's information illegally. 

Weary, who has a thing about trying to keep debates that attempt to slur trail volunteers, at least factual.