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[at-l] So here is the deal

At 07:58 PM 4/7/2003 -0400, greyowl@rcn.com wrote:
>So here is the deal.  I have taken some sage wisdom from person
>who completed his 33 yr thru hike.  His advice, hike Maine while
>you are still young, actually hike Maine, Vermont, and New
>Hampshire while you are still young.  So the deal is I am dreaming
>of Finishing the sections in NY that I have not done, the sections In
>CT that I have not done and then head north.  I always thought that
>fall would be a good time to hike, few bugs, few hikers (Somebody
>thrui hiking and has made NY in Sept ain't going to finish).  The
>question I have are the leaf peepers (You know the people looking
>at the fall colors).  I have seen more than my fair share of them in
>Harriman and NJ.  I am sure that CT has more than their fair share,
>especially considering parts of the trail is a road walk.  So am I
>going to have to use my hiking poles to clear the trail of these
>Just day dreaming and planning on a two week hike this fall.
>Grey Owl

We're thinking along similar lines. I had wanted to start in GA and do
sections in order ==> North, but health and financial considerations
changed my plans. I'm closer (not close but closer) to Katahdin than
Springer so I'm now considering making my first section from K ==> South in
Sept. At least Maine. Maybe more. I hope to do a Springer ==> North section
next spring, keep alternating and finish in the middle 2-3 years hence.

Most leaf peepers in the Adirondacks are in cars or buses. I suspect the
same is true in NE. Stay well over on the shoulder when doing road walks.
Very few hike in my experience.