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Re[3]: [at-l] Icons

At 07:28 PM 4/7/2003 -0400, Bob C. wrote:
>Those who doubt the importance of studying history should read Sunday's

I did and I don't doubt the value of history.

Whether or not MacKaye approved of speed hiking (the topic that started
this thread), however fascinating to his devotees, is still not relevant.
The purpose of the AT is not to manifest MacKaye's ideas about specific
uses of wilderness. It is to provide an opportunity for recreation in the
wilderness. Some people recreate by speed hiking. MacKaye's approval
thereof is not required.

It surprises me Weary that you, a self professed liberal, would chime in on
the side of strict adherence to MacKaye's prejudices about specific ways of
using the trail. The definition of "liberal" is 'open minded and willing to
consider other opinions'. Arguing for adherence to a set of standards from
over 50 years ago is more than conservative, it's reactionary.

The stubbornly independent Saunterer