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[at-l] Pittsburgh, encounter with Baltimore Jack and hiking update

Off the trail for a night with my hubby, Dutch Treat, (who is still unable
to hike due to a back injury).  Pitts and I hiked into Dick's Creek Gap
which was just too close to home to not stop to shower and spend the night.
Have been hiking with Pittsburgh for the last few days and having a
fantastic time.  Dutch Treat meets us at trail heads with gourmet meals
which is very much appreciated after a long days hike.  Do I feel spoiled!
We all went to dinner tonight with Baltimore Jack who looked almost clean
cut with his short hair cut (compliments of Miss Janet, who he justifiably
referred to as an angel).  Hikers everywhere at Daniel's tonight including
one who got "warned" by BJ NOT to bring his pack into the restaurant!  This
man does know how to express himself...LOL!

I suggested to DT that I just keep going to Katadin but he insisted that I
wait until next year after he has had back surgery.  Oh well...will hike
until Rainbow Springs THIS time.

Did I EVER mention how much I love living in North Georgia??  Hummingbird

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