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[at-l] PCT guides - and places to start

There is a PCT list, you may want to join that.


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> Hi there -
> My name is Kelly, and I've been monitoring this list through most of the
> fall; a thru-hiker I met on the AT in VT. told me about it, told
> me that you
> all usually know what you're talking about. :)
> I'm starting to plan a long distance hike on the PCT for next summer. I'm
> thinking I have about 2 months. I'm not an inexperienced hiker,
> but I am an
> east-coaster by birth, residence, and experience, and need some info about
> how to start researching this hike.
> I'm looking for some general info (good guidebooks, good
> websites), but I'm
> also just looking for suggestions. Considering I have 2 months,
> where should
> I invest my time? Is there (I'm sure there are) folks who'd be willing to
> correspond with me if I have questions thru the process?
> Thanks.
> Kelly
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