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[at-l] Reason to carry wine...

Did he slurp a quart of salmonella and then drink some wine to test this?


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> Hic.cup.  Now we have a logical and sound reason to carry along some wine.
> >>>Looking to build on previous anti-microbial research and anecdotal
> evidence, Daeschel decided to take a hard, scientific look at a
> centuries-old piece of advice: drinking wine with a meal helped
> some people
> avoid food poisoning.
> Daeschel, a professor of food science and technology at Oregon State
> University in Corvalis, about 75 miles south of Portland, found that wine,
> particularly white wine, kills E. coli, salmonella and other potentially
> deadly bacteria.
> He found that the combination of white wine's high levels of malic and
> tartaric acids with the alcohol content attacks and kills the germs.<<<
> This was on Reuters.  And the entire article states that they are
> developing
> a disinfectant based on wine.  Plus wineries are already looking
> forward to
> the final disinfectant so they can sell the wine that does not
> sell.  There
> goes Thunderbird.
> Now would you sell it in the disinfectant aisle or the wine aisle?
> William, The Pickled Turtle
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