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[at-l] PCT guides - and places to start

Hi there -

My name is Kelly, and I've been monitoring this list through most of the
fall; a thru-hiker I met on the AT in VT. told me about it, told me that you
all usually know what you're talking about. :)

I'm starting to plan a long distance hike on the PCT for next summer. I'm
thinking I have about 2 months. I'm not an inexperienced hiker, but I am an
east-coaster by birth, residence, and experience, and need some info about
how to start researching this hike.

I'm looking for some general info (good guidebooks, good websites), but I'm
also just looking for suggestions. Considering I have 2 months, where should
I invest my time? Is there (I'm sure there are) folks who'd be willing to
correspond with me if I have questions thru the process?