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[at-l] RE: AT Resupply strategy

I've been off-list for a couple weeks while at ALDHA and ALDHA-West, so I
missed the start of this thread. To set the record straight, I had about 95
resupply points during the entire hike, not just the AT.

"Do as I say, not as I do." :-) I recommend everyone buy food in trail towns
whenever it makes sense. We hikers are guests and our $$ does the local
economies some good. We need the goodwill of the locals. Yes, it's faster to
receive food in boxes, but most hikers really enjoy the time they spend in
town. If you buy as you go, you don't have to pack all those boxes ahead of
time and you're much more flexible when it comes to proper portions and
favorite food choices.

I really enjoyed meeting so many of you at the Gatherings. Thanks for all
the kind words. And to those I didn't get a chance to meet, I hope to talk
with you next time.

Flyin' Brian

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