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>Baxter Park Authority Approves Access Restrictions, Increase in Visitor
>KIDNEY POND - The Baxter Park Authority has approved another
>increase in visitor fees. At its annual fall meeting on Oct. 17,
>the policymaking group also indicated support for proposals to
>restrict vehicle access in the Scientific Forest Management Area
>(SFMA) and to change the reservation system to make getting
>accommodations more equitable.


Thanks, Onestep. Nice to see The Maine Enviormental Policy Institute getting
some list time :O)
The rate for Thruhikers staying at The Birches will be $8. Thruhikers will
not be charged the $16 minimum if they are the only hiker using the lean-to.
Sobos and flip floppers are not allowed to stay at the Birches, and need to
make reservations at Katahdin Stream Campground where they will be subject to
the same fees as all other visitors.