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[at-l] WINGFOOT...

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In a message dated 10/19/2002 2:14:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
hike-usa@pocketmail.com writes:

> well, it seems that wingfoot is not happy to be put on the back burner of
> our discussions.  after a year in which the AT-L barely whispered his name,
> he writes an editorial slamming our good name.  seems he wants back into
> our thoughts...
> welcome back wingfoot...
> pittsburgh

     *** I'm restrained by our agreement with our generous host Ryan from
answering this in kind. Please respect that too. If you have a desire to
debate Trail history or the Trail's purpose (or even include valid facts or
issues in your comments) feel free to come on over to the "TA" list. We
welcome everybody over there...

      Stay on topic!