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[at-l] BLM Encourages Wind Power Development

As a WAG I'd say most homes use about 1000 KWe/Hrs per month aka 1
MWe/hr/month or around 12 MWe total per year. The local power plant here
produces about 1,750,000 MWe/Hr per year.


> I'd  be more impressed if the report reflected a basic knowledge
> of electricity.
> If  I  remember  my  45-year-old  physics, watts (kilowatts and
> megawatts) are a
> measure of capacity. You build capacity. You don't generate it.
> You use capacity
> to  generate  MEGAWATT  HOURS each year. 500 megawatts of
> capacity is equal to a
> typical  small  generating  plant. If they are really talking
> about 500 megawatt
> hours, that is truly a very tiny amount -- enough to power a few
> hundred homes.