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[at-l] BLM Encourages Wind Power Development

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In a message dated 10/19/2002 9:12:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
Snodrog5@aol.com writes:

> "Continued growth in wind energy development will be extremely
> important in delivering larger supplies of clean domestic power for
> America's
> growing economy," said Pete Culp, special assistant to the BLM director for
> energy policy.

      ***  Remember, Mr Culp is a man whose paycheck depends on him saying
the right things to the right people in an unprecedentedly anti-environmental
administration. I wonder what his views would be on the proliferation of
landscape marring swirling lit industrial pylons dominating the landscape?

     You see this "green" shoe in the door to entering wild lands with
so-called environmentally positive development is really just an excuse for
continued sprawl.  It is a ruse that takes advantage of people's wanting to
positively develop environmentally-friendly energy. The effect will be more
growth at the cost of undeveloped national wildlands. I can see it now, in
the future internet members will say something like, "well because of the
windmills BLM lands aren't really wild anyway, so why preserve them in order
to satisfy extremists?"

     A much better use for developing western badlands and deserts would be
concentrated solar collection. It turns out to be a much more valuable
sacrifice of open lands than windmills, which have a larger impact for less
capacity. A quick example of mirror-concentrated solar:  Lake Mead, the
impoundment for Boulder Dam, covers 250 square miles. The same amount of
power generated by this dam could be generated by only 10-20 square miles of
concentrated solar arrays.

 This government site describes commercial solar: