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[at-l] Earl Grey

As a chemist I drink between 5 and 10 cups of coffee a day (all true chemis=
t drink at least this much coffee) and I can tell you that coffee does dehy=
drate one big time.  Now I quit drinking coffee on Wednesday if I know tht =
I am hiking on a weekend.  In the winter I switch over to tea and I prefer =
either Red Rose or English Breakfast Tea.  I prefer the loose tea and I str=
ain the tea as I pour,  I like my tea hot, strong and with lots of sugar (t=
his potent combination is sometimes called English Bobbie Tea).  Another ad=
vaantage of using loose tea is that one does not have to bacak out an old s=
oggy tea bag.  The loose tea can be scattered away from the campsite.

(Earl)Grey Owl
> "...I've heard that coffee is taboo on the trail." Some drink coffee some=
> It's  strictly  a  personal  choice.  The  slight loss of liquids through=
> drinking is so minor that it is meaningless in the context of the trail.