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[at-l] Post Pyramid

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When my grandson came ahead of his parents in August, I had a mountain of
posts that had yet to be read. . .almost 1000, sitting and waiting.  Then he
broke his leg.  I found myself with a lot of  time to sit around at his beck
and call.  I began going through the posts, about 100 extra each day.
Finally, I'd read them, each and all.

"KinnickinicHere" was empty most of the time.  Whenever I came to check my
email, I'd clear it if there were anything here.  I hated it.  It had been
fun always to have something to read, a feeling that I still had a job to do.

Now, so many of you are leaving to meet at The Gathering.  I've let the site
fill up, as it happens, in advance.  I already have 475 posts to read.
That'll help in dealing with the disappointment of not being able to be

Then you will come back, and, hopefully, you will have lots and lots of
reports and photos.  I wish Red and Solar Bear were still participating.
He'd send a poem.  She'd send details.  Kahley would have some hilarious

You guys who are able to be attendance at The Gathering, you've got some big
boots to fill.