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[at-l] GreasePot, Waldies, LT, coffee, tea, caffiene

GreasePot: CONGRATULATIONS. Sew kewl, eh? But "MA" is the
abbreviation for Massachusetts. I think you want "ME".

Waldies: check maybe WaldenPaddle.com or something like that.
Not Waddlies. Bulky, but a *great* comfy shoe. LOVE 'em.

If cut into two parts,
then MA->Sherburne/Killington->CAN will do.

If cut into three parts,
then MA->Brandon Gap->Johnson->CAN would do it.

To realllllly know the LT, you've got to distinguish those
northern miles from Johnson north. I often called upon my
Chinese friend Ho Lee Kow. (Truth be told, I called on the
entire Ho Lee family. Early and often.)

Coffee v. Tea:
I've succombed to just spooning my freeze-dried coffee right
into my anxiously waiting maw. Big o'l swig of water, and I let
it seep around like a consumable bit of chaw. Much yummier than
it sounds (even to me). Then I can mix a warm (or cold) SlimFast
for me and the Boysens as a first or second breakfast. (Though
last winter [solo], I did enjoy mixing up a warm Cafe-Mocha
variety, but it wasn't vital, even at 10*F.)

In regular tea ("Orange Pekoe"), the tannic acid that darkens
the tea also leaches iron from the body. As a lifelong
hemoglobin observer, this is something I just don't need. I'm
75% sure that Green Tea ("Orange Pekoe" without the processing)
does *not* contain the tannic acid of the black tea variety, so
along with containing it's so-popular anti-oxidants, it's a good

A diuretic is a diuretic, whether 100mg from Cafe or 60mg from
tea. The thing is, if you're that dehydrated that coffee or tea
will adversely affect you, you need to stop what you're doing
and think clearly. Sit down and have a cup of joe.


Spatior! Nitor! Nitor! Tempero!
   Pro Pondera Et Meliora.

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