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[at-l] Re: Camp Shoes

I didn't use my Waddlies for fording or hiking.  All
of the fords in Maine seemed to have very slick, mossy
rocks, and strong currents.  I felt safer just wearing
my boots.  I was jealous of people with Tevas.

I strickly wear my Waddlies around camp, in towns, and
in public showers. I do consider the Waddlies heavy,
but it was wonderful when the weather got really hot
this summer, to have shoes to wear when done hiking.
They are also good to slide into when jumping out of
the hammock in the middle of the night.

If I was thru-hiking again, (to save weight) I would
not bring the Waddlies until the weather started to
get warm.  I could get by with just boots for a month.

GA->MA '02
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Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 08:23:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: sheila <treadlight2002@yahoo.com>
Subject: RE: [at-l] Camp Shoes
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Just curious....are waddlies like hawaiian tabis?
Rubber slipper/socks
 traction on wet rocks (i.e. fording streams?).
I use my river tevas for camp shoes (in warmer
weather) and wear wool
 with them when it gets cooler.  Mine weigh approx. 12
oz.  I am
looking fo=
r an alternative for colder weather. Waddlies then?
 "t." <tfort@jam.rr.com> wrote:Are these flip-flops,
or something?


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