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[at-l] alcohol stove

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In a message dated 10/16/2002 8:40:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
nealb@midlandstech.com writes:

> Years ago for some forgotten reason, I was doing some kind of research about
> "burning" (I think).  Apparently the hottest part of the flame is not a the
> point of origin, but at the tip of the flame.  And when I light incense, I
> light it from the point of the match's flame.  And it does seem to light
> quicker.  So maybe the higher the object is -- without getting too far from
> the tip  of the flame -- the hotter the object you are trying to heat.
> Anybody got a degree (college or hard-knocks) in subject that would confirm
> or deny this?
> William, The Turtle

I found out by accident, that the hottest part of the flame is the part you
are touching...