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;-) RE: [at-l] killer bears!

Since there are portage companies hiring out people to tote packs, etc. for
ultra-slack packers, why not hire bears to protect our food.  After all,
most minority groups have stumbled upon the protection rackets in the early
rise to "equality" &/or prosperity.  Maybe a jar or two of honey.

William, The Turtle

"Give me your fries and I'll let you keep your burger."
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If we are to believe this, it implies that bears have become tool users
and are into the early stone age. If they can figure out how to direct
rock slides, our attempts are bear bagging are feeble, indeed.


--- DTimm65344@aol.com wrote:
> > I heard this story today.  Unbelievable.  I never knew bears would
> do this.
> >
> It made the local news here in the Philly area today.  Unreal.

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