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[at-l] Suggestions on fixing a foot injury?


You have several symptoms which may be due to a common cause. Bone spur and
inflamed tendon on the bottom of the foot are two manifestations of Plantar
Faciitis.  The Plantar Facia is a tendon that more or less goes from the
Achilles tendon, across the heel and across the arch.  the fallen arch maybe
another symptom, or maybe something independent.

The primary cause is a too-tight calf muscle.  These are common among hikers
(and runners). In many cases stretching, night splints, icing,
anti-inflammatories (Advil, etc.) can treat this.  We runners have this
quite commonly.  The main thing is the time it takes to heal. If you don't
change something (eg if you don't start stretching, if you keep doing what
you are doing, etc.) it won't heal by itself.   In worst cases surgery on
the heel spur may be needed.

For a fallen arch, get arch supports or orthotics.

In any case see a good podiatrist, especially familiar with sports related
injuries.  Get a second opinion if he (she) suggests surgery as a first
suggestion without trying other options first.


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>     Lo, while attempting to thru-hike this year I banged up my right foot
> quite a bit and I'm getting ready to head into the doc to see about
> it fixed up. I remember running into several people who had similar
> but I don't remember all their suggestions. I especially wish I could
> remember some of the non-surgery suggestions.
>     Anyway, I visited a Doc in Tenn and he said movement in my foot was
> causing fluid to build up, harden, then turn into bone spurs. I think he
> also said something about my arches falling, and some tendon on the bottom
> of my foot becoming inflamed and complicating the other stuff. I think the
> main issue was the bone spurs though. I believe he said I had to get the
> fluid drained at least, but I seem to remember someone saying there were
> other options (hopefully cheaper). I'd like to get this fixed up so maybe
> can go all the way next time. Anyone have any suggestions/thoughts?
>     Patchfoot
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