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[at-l] Suggestions on fixing a foot injury?

    Lo, while attempting to thru-hike this year I banged up my right foot
quite a bit and I'm getting ready to head into the doc to see about getting
it fixed up. I remember running into several people who had similar injuries
but I don't remember all their suggestions. I especially wish I could
remember some of the non-surgery suggestions.
    Anyway, I visited a Doc in Tenn and he said movement in my foot was
causing fluid to build up, harden, then turn into bone spurs. I think he
also said something about my arches falling, and some tendon on the bottom
of my foot becoming inflamed and complicating the other stuff. I think the
main issue was the bone spurs though. I believe he said I had to get the
fluid drained at least, but I seem to remember someone saying there were
other options (hopefully cheaper). I'd like to get this fixed up so maybe I
can go all the way next time. Anyone have any suggestions/thoughts?