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[at-l] Whites and slackpacking

I think that the idea of not carrying anything while slack packing is a thr=
u hiker phenomenon.  Currently I am doing most of my hiking as a day hiker.=
  I carry water, food, a change of socks, a polar fleece jacket, a tarp and=
 a small first aid kit.  Today I would be wearing rain gear as we are final=
ly getting some rain.

It always amazes me how ill prepared some people are when they hit the trai=
l.  I lead one hike and one of the ladies said that she expected the hike t=
o finish in two hours as she walks four miles an hour every day.  Fortunate=
ly I had extra water and food in my car as it took us almost 4.5 hrs to com=
plete the hike.  Fortunately I also had some TP because nobody thought of b=
ringing any, yes even the experienced hikers!!!!

Grey Owl