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[at-l] Whites and slackpacking

Slackpacking =/= Unprepared hiking

At least is shouldn't mean the same thing. Slackpacking means carrying
enough food, shelter and gear for a day's hike along with appropriate first
aid and emergency gear. Going out unprepared is a problem for purist,
dayhiker, slackpacker, sectioner, or anyone else. A cell phone can help to
alert emergency services. Yet, a six ounce cell phone is no substitute for
emergency shelter, which could be as basic as one ounce large plastic leaf
bag. While Ma & Pa Flatlander will always go out unprepared, Joe Sectioner
and Jane Thruhiker can still go on a slackpack section with adequate
preparation and a whole lot less weight on their backs. Even with the
benefit of knowledge, adverse events can still occur.

It is a shame that an adverse event becomes an opportunity to condemn cell
phones, slackpacking or some other non-purist politically incorrect choice
of gear. Common sense is not common enough.


At 11:28 AM 10/11/2002 -0700, Bo Smolka wrote:
>As far as I'm concerned, slackpacking is an individual
>choice. Do it or not, hike your own hike and all that.
>But when you're in the Whites, you need to use common
>sense or you can run into serious trouble.