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[at-l] Whites and slackpacking

I think I will shime in here, too - what is it that us humans are almost
always so intent on what the shrinks call "externalizing?"  Often times,
my Mamma's old saying about if you point a finger at another [or in this
case at an inanimate object]. there are four fingers pointing back at
YOU! :)  The cell phone did nothing - it was how different people
elected to ACT or NOT ACT that led to the final result - not the least
of which was the failure of the victim to remember that if you are
freezing to death, that is the one time staying put is NOT good advice;
and it sure seems like the various potential close-at-hand rescuers were
not real fast either . . . I don't like too much second-guessing, but
maybe a number of people who passed this guy should have done more of
the "I'm not gonna let you drive drunk' number on him . . . not fingers
of blame here, though - HE and he alone voluntarily elected most of the
variables that put him in such harm's way . . . in the end, we are
responsible for our own actions - and i personally think we all ought to
revel in the fact, and quit asking for more and more rules, which lead
to more and more incentives to externalize, which lead to more and more
lawsuits, which lead to more and more rules, and more and more insurance
company mess, and more and more work for lawyers . . .  hey, wait a
minute! :) forget everything I just said, and remember to call me when
you need to sue someone next! :)


W F Thorneloe wrote:

> Slackpacking =/= Unprepared hiking
> At least is shouldn't mean the same thing. Slackpacking means carrying
> enough food, shelter and gear for a day's hike along with appropriate first
> aid and emergency gear. Going out unprepared is a problem for purist,
> dayhiker, slackpacker, sectioner, or anyone else. A cell phone can help to
> alert emergency services. Yet, a six ounce cell phone is no substitute for
> emergency shelter, which could be as basic as one ounce large plastic leaf
> bag. While Ma & Pa Flatlander will always go out unprepared, Joe Sectioner
> and Jane Thruhiker can still go on a slackpack section with adequate
> preparation and a whole lot less weight on their backs. Even with the
> benefit of knowledge, adverse events can still occur.
> It is a shame that an adverse event becomes an opportunity to condemn cell
> phones, slackpacking or some other non-purist politically incorrect choice
> of gear. Common sense is not common enough.
> OrangeBug
> At 11:28 AM 10/11/2002 -0700, Bo Smolka wrote:
>> As far as I'm concerned, slackpacking is an individual
>> choice. Do it or not, hike your own hike and all that.
>> But when you're in the Whites, you need to use common
>> sense or you can run into serious trouble.
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