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[at-l] Whites and slackpacking

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In a message dated 10/11/02 3:34:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time, greyowl@rcn.com

> It always amazes me how ill prepared some people are when they hit the
> trail.  I lead one hike and one of the ladies said that she expected the
> hike to finish in two hours as she walks four miles an hour every day.
> Fortunately I had extra water and food in my car as it took us almost 4.5
> hrs to complete the hike.  Fortunately I also had some TP because nobody
> thought of bringing any, yes even the experienced hikers!!!!

I carry all the same stuff I carry on an overnight except the tons of food,
most of teh extra clothes, my sleeping bag, my cook gear and my hammock on
day hikes including, if the hike is a long enough day (I do 20 mile ones on
occasion). my water filter.  I've always carried what I figured I might need.
 BTW, on most of my day hikes, I don't carry the phone (no need to say
goodnight to the troops at home from the trail on those).