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[at-l] Re: alcohol stove

Hey skeeter,

I've tried many different ways to make a combo pot stand/windscreen, and
haven't yet managed to find a design that does a good job at both.  I
end up with either a good windscreen that doesn't allow enough air to
the stove, or a good pot stand that doesn't shield the wind enough.
Either of those drastically reduces efficiency.  I've returned to the
old standby - 8 ply foil windscreen and a mesh pot stand.  Let me know
if you get a design that works.

Ke Kaahawe

Skeeter writ:

That's more or less what I have, except that what Chase had was more
like screen, and what I have is a mesh where the holes are about 3/8
inch square (BTW, I cut some of the "unneeded" mesh out. I'll be an
ounce weenie yet <g>). I'm not sweating grams yet, but if I could make
the windscreen/potholder one piece for the same or hopefully lighter
weight things would be even simpler.

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