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[at-l] Katahdin Question

Katahdin  in  late September/October can have an infinite variety of conditions.
Snow and temperatures in the teens and 20s are common -- as are balmy 50s, maybe
even 60s. Regardless of temperature, a vigorous wind can expected. How vigorous?
20 to 70 mph

The  gear  you should choose largely depends on how long you are willing to wait
around for a good day.

Expect  cold through all of Maine in September and October. Nights will be cold.
I use a shell windbreaker (goretex is ideal, but I usually use a water resistant
nylon or 60-40 cloth jacket) topping whatever fleece or sweaters I'm carrying.

As  usual,  none  of this is required most of the time while climbing. But it is
essential  for  a  leisurely  stay  on  the summit, which is as beautiful as any
mountain  you  will  pass on your trip north. Only the Whites rival Katahdin for
sheer beauty. It's the wildness of the surrounding lakes and mountains that make
Katahdin truly "The Greatest Mountain."