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[at-l] gear report

On Tuesday, October 8, 2002, at 09:45 PM, Lamar Powell wrote:

> Also, she
> devised a method of making more robust suspension without adding
> considerable weight. She took this thingamabob and put it over the
> wigget
> with a ratchet and then she went to the other side and held the honker
> dead on center with a clugeous. Maybe she should explain that part. My
> point is, I would still be trying to make a pack if it were not for my
> good friend, that great American hiker and seamstress extraordinaire,
> Rogene.

Did she have to use a sproinger to tension the sides?  I find that
and dohickies are invaluable hiking gear.

Seriously, Rogene needs to tell us about the thingamabob.  :)
Inquiring minds want to know.