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[at-l] alcohol stove

Sorry OB but I retell your burn story every time I talk about alcohol stoves
to my scouts.  It's a "it could happen to anyone" story that I tell when I
get to the "flames are hard to see" part.

Once again, I'm planning to be at the RUCK and will bring my cat food can
stoves.  I've been using one of them for 18 months (not continuously, just
every now and then) on hikes and its still going great.

I was at teh Walasi-Yi a few weeks ago and they sell an aluminum alcohol
stove that *looks* like a top to a grease pot, but with a lot of holes in
it.  Has anyone tried this stove?  The package says it will boil a cup of
water in 4 minutes.


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It warms my heart over the numbers of folks who think of me and burning
flesh at the same time.


--- plodder@juno.com wrote:
> On my last hiking trip, and this has nothing to do with the stove, I
> learned not to hold my coffee cup and pour boiling water in it.

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