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[at-l] gear report

    So you think compression straps would be a good idea too.  Lamar fills
his sack with trail maintance items so didn't want tthe extras to fool with.
I supose comepression straps can be added.  I was thinking of four triangled
shaped pieces of fabric with a quick release buckle  in the center for
smoother compression  controll  hooked to the side back seams What do you
think?  Two  oposing  ones  on the top half and two on the bottem half so
the outer pockets would be
independantly compressed  made of the same pocket   fabric that is from the
scuba shop to let things in the pocket dry out.
Lamar what was your total loaded weight?  How many days of food were you
carying and how much water.  Can you estimate it's weight limit?  I know the
the ideal is for ultra light
but you were doing trail maintance with tools.