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[at-l] completed thru hikes??

Hi again to Jan, Snowdrod and all.

Well I just read some of Sunny's journal and without a doubt it was indeed
them that  I saw on South Crocker on Sept 20th.  The mentioned in the
journal hat they had got together with Big Red to do the slackpacking after
their injuries so that's the clincher.

My age estimate?  Well, whtever, I guess I looked at Sunset and assumed they
were retirees.  As Jan says "the trail may have aged them".

They looked in good shape and in good spirits.  I just wonder how they'll
slack the 100 mile wilderness?  Maybe they'll become experts on logging


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> "I am still running behind on most everything, but thanks so much for
> reposting this AT update."
>  Climbing at Katahdin this time of year is a delight, and having so many
> thruhikers to chat with makes it extra special. The campfire at 'The
> has been lots of fun! Reading the final entries in the last register can
> very moving, too. And quite funny some times :O) Giving hikers rides out
> Millinocket and Medway, or down to Portland, is always fun. Sometimes
> hardly say a word the whole trip, but sometimes they won't shut up!
>  I'll post another note Thursday night, I'm off to Baxter in a few. I'm in
> lean-to tonight, and I expect to freeze my butt off! :O) I'll look for
> about Sunny & Sunset.
>  Have fun getting ready for your leap, Jan!
>  TJ, your Katahdin Correspondent
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