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[at-l] completed thru hikes??

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"I am still running behind on most everything, but thanks so much for
reposting this AT update."

 Climbing at Katahdin this time of year is a delight, and having so many
thruhikers to chat with makes it extra special. The campfire at 'The Birches'
has been lots of fun! Reading the final entries in the last register can be
very moving, too. And quite funny some times :O) Giving hikers rides out to
Millinocket and Medway, or down to Portland, is always fun. Sometimes they'll
hardly say a word the whole trip, but sometimes they won't shut up!
 I'll post another note Thursday night, I'm off to Baxter in a few. I'm in a
lean-to tonight, and I expect to freeze my butt off! :O) I'll look for news
about Sunny & Sunset.
 Have fun getting ready for your leap, Jan!
 TJ, your Katahdin Correspondent