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[at-l] Trip report: Western Maine Part 1 (long)

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Pb: what a pleasure to read your report adn see the photos. I did this same
section a number of years ago and what memories you brought back. I remember
thinking the whole way that there was no bailing out - because I didn't want
to think of the prospect of having to go BACK through that day's trek! It was
without a doubt the toughest hike I have ever done. I was never so glad to
get to a shelter (Speck Pond Shelter) at the end of the day. And yes it is
cruel to have to walk all the way around the pond before you arrive. :-)

The notch would be great fun if you only had to day-pack it. That I had a
full pack was my only real regret there.

By contrast, about 30 miles up the trail around the Saddleback area, the
trail is comparatively a walk in the park. Beautiful, too. Maine is an