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[at-l] Re: The toes...

Sometimes they try not to kill the nail, but to see if you can allow it
to grow without becoming ingrown again. Pedicures rule!

I had the deed done by an old general surgeon when I was about 12. He
essentially cut the nail in half down the middle and removed the
infected portion and most of the nail and cuticle on that side. I get a
small "twig" of nail that grows back every few months, invariably
catching on socks and hurting like heck. A quick grab with needle nose
pliers, YANK and I'm good for a few months, _after_ scrubbing with
betadine and following the YANK with triple antibiotic creme. 

Often a good manicurist can fix things if you can avoid infection.
Often warm soaks, Epsom salts and being nice will help avoid the man
with the knife. I go for a pedicure after any hike of over 5 days and
have reduced all my nail problems a great deal.

<if I were the podiatrist, I'd make sure that my patients weren't
packing heat>

--- kahley <kahley7@ptd.net> wrote:
> But I have not spoiled the perverse pod docs record.  I do NOT regret
> having it done.  BTW....one of mine was incomplete.  He warned me
> that may happen and said i could come back and he'd give it another
> go.  I just wait it out during the winter and after my first loong
> snorkel
> session, it softens to the point where I can pull it out myself.

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