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[at-l] Dangerous Doctors?

Sorry, but you are wrong. Risk assessment for violence toward self and
others has always included queries regarding access to a variety of
weapons and methods of causing injury. Firearms, knives, poisons, gas,
electrical appliances and other items are included in a large inventory
of questions that are assessed. This was old news a over quarter
century ago when I started medical school. 

It is ironic (at best) that the CDC's epidemiology is viewed as a
threat by the NRA and others. It is even more ironic that firearms and
tobacco are well known risks that CDC, FDA, PHS, OSHA, FTC and other
government agencies have no ability to regulate and license, as opposed
to children's toys, cars, marriages, airplanes and other items with
much more impressive safety records.

--- Texas Twelve-Step <texas12step@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Less than ten years ago, the medical community didn't see
> any need to question everyone entering a doctor's office
> on their gun ownership practices. It wasn't until the CDC
> declared "gun violence" to be a public health issue (nay,
> a crisis!), coincident with the arrival of an administration
> possessing noted hostility toward private gun ownership,
> that this "difficult balancing act" was deemed necessary.

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