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[at-l] READY's journal June 18 TD 13 Monday

It is awesome, very great, to get these journals.  A combination of not 
having to remember to check a website, and having them so personal, and from 
someone we've known for so long . . . it's just awesome ;) Takes me back to 
the days when Outta Chocolate and Mtn Roamer were hiking, and . . .Chase? . . 
.posted us updates. (of course, it's been awhile - might have been Pittsburgh 
or Felix or Jim/Ginny. . . darn, shoulda looked first. :)  I did have a great 
pic though, of Mtn Roamer, Outta Chocolate, woodelf, Ratboy and Chase - Mom 
and I ran into them at Tye River - totallly unexpected and what a treat.  Was 
weird, though - we didn't know they'd be there, they didn't know we'd be 
there - so listers, meeting totally by chance (this time anyway, because we 
had met by design before <g>) , many miles from where any of us lived, on a 
Trail over 2000 miles long.  It was weird - but cool :)

Anyways - I love getting a journal like that again.  Thanks!

The Redhead

Anyways - 

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