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[at-l] volunteerism

On Mon, 18 Jun 2001 17:30:56 -0400 W F Thorneloe <thornel@attglobal.net>
> Well, how did the work project go this weekend? 

The work trip went well. I wish I could say the same for my PC which has
been on the dead side for a few days. Sorry for the delay in replying.

There were about 25 folks from the GATC and a few others of us who just
invited our selves to show up for the Blackwell relocation project. The
main effort was to finish the relocation and open it up. That didn't
happen but it was only missed by about 25 yards of digging new side hill.

For those who aren't familiar with "digging side hill" this means the new
trail will follow a contour along the sides of the mountains. The
treadway must be dug into the hill so that it is about a yard wide.
Depending on how steep the hill is, about one cubic yard of dirt must be
moved for each 2 yards of new trail. This is about 3200 pounds of dirt,
in a round number. The new relocation is about a mile long so the GATC,
the Konnarock Crew, forest service folks and many others have truly
labored to get to this place. 

One more work trip and the relocation will be cut through the last of the
brush and the connecting tread dug. In the next few weeks the material
for the new shelter will be flown in and then the building can start. All
the tent pads are complete, as is the blue blaze to the spring. Large
stones were arranged to form a nice pool at the spring so it will be easy
to draw up water there. I assume the materials for the privy will be
brought at the same time as the shelter stuff. 

It will be no surprise to ya'll when I say that trail people seem to be
the same anywhere you go. I have been made to feel right at home among
the GATC folk even though I'm not a member. It has been a pleasure to
work with them because they are nice but also because they are
"professional," meaning they take this project seriously and are always
well organized and equipped. I'll send another post next time I hear of a
solid day for a work trip. Anyone wanting to join in will be welcomed I'm
sure.  Hopeful
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