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[at-l] READY's journal: June 18 PT 2

>A shower and quick sink laundering of our clothes had us ready for 
>dinner.  We ate at King's - pineapple pizza and sodas.  Yum.
>Back at the hotel we checked our email - neither of us was getting many. 
>We called Spur's brother, Chip, to discus maildrops and supplies, then set 
>about to write our journals.
>The evening had somehow gotten away from us - it was late by the tinme we 
>were finished.  This is a phenomena dubbed "town time," in which, 
>according to Spur, time procedes much more rapidly than on the trail.  I 
>guess it's something like "dog years" - take the number and multiply by 
>7.  Yah, that seems about right - town time is about 7 times faster. [grin]
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