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[at-l] Trip report: CT/NY

Great trip report! thank you.
Although I was infinitely saddened to see another report of a murdered
>>>"We met two recent AF Academy grads there, one of whom was wearing a
headless rattlesnake on the back of his pack(!) - said he had killed it
earlier that day."<<<
There is almost never any reason to kill a snake of any kind, unless it
has bitten someone or perhaps is needed for food in a survival
situation, not to mention the bad karma it leaves in the area for other
passersby. And in CT, and a number of other states, it is illegal:
So, depending on what the violation level CGS Section 26-311 falls
under, AF may well stand for "A'm a Felon", or maybe sumpthin' else. 


"...let them walk, let them walk, that the darkness overtake them not."
St. Augustine