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[at-l] Apology & Final Request

First an apology to the list.  I said I wasn't going to debate R&R anymore 
but I got suckered into another response.  Sorry, it won't happen again.

Final request to R&R:  If you choose to believe that WF was *THE* moving 
force in preserving the AT and that the efforts of everyone else including 
the ATC, the ALDHA, the members of this list and other conservation 
organizations would have come to nought were it not for WF's Trailplace 
generated emails, you are absolutely free to do so.  But please stop trying 
to convince me to join you in your deep admiration for WF.  I don't share 
your high opinion of him.  I don't wish him any ill but when I walk through 
Hot Springs I'll not be calling at the Center and I'm tired of being told 
that supporting WF is the key to the future of the trail because I don't 
believe that's in the hands of any one person.  I'll continue to support 
the trail in my own way.