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[at-l] Montebello, VA to Port Clinton, PA

Thanks, Phil - my daughter and I have spent hours browsing your pictures. I am
one poor photographer and it is great to be able to show someone a great
picture of where I have been. We also both like the photos of flowers.

- Gary from Fairfax

Phil Heffington wrote:

> Well, I'm back.  Finished my 395 miles from Montebello, VA to Port Clinton,
> PA during the month of May, and am in the process of updating my website.
> Have about half of my journal entries added, but I have all my photos
> scanned in that I intend to include in the site.
> You can find the photos and the journal entries I have added so far at:
> www.oc.edu/staff/phil.heffington  That will give you links to the right
> places, or you can go straight to
> http://www.oc.edu/staff/phil.heffington/HikingPictureIndex.htm if you just
> want to see the pictures.
> There is a particularly good picture which would make excellent wallpaper
> for your computer at:
> http://www.oc.edu/staff/phil.heffington/PenMarWallpaper.jpg
> I should have the rest of the journal entries made by the end of the week.
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