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[at-l] Standing Indian hike

That should be a pretty easy road. It is a paved state road with a little 
state maintained picnic park at the gap. Above the gap is a FS road up to 
Wayah Bald.  I think the road to Wayah Gap is fairly easy to find off of US 
64, and it might connect to the road into Franklin that passes by the 
Franklin Motel. David Addleton can tell you exactly.

I can't recall Swinging Lick gap at all. If you are getting a late start, 
you might simply stay at Silar Bald shelter after watching sunset from the 
bald. Day 2 could be to Rock Gap Shelter and near the big tulip poplar. 
However, that walk from Winding Stair Gap toward Big Springs is pretty 
sedate compared to points south.

Big Spring shelter and all of the shelters in NOC have tenting. Water has 
been better with our recent rains. The walk over Mt Albert will be 
breath-taking and memorable. The long day around to Standing Indian will be 
quite fun, especially if you can catch sunset and sunrise and the stars. 
The water source near Standing Indian is pretty easy to find, tends to be 
slow, but tends to be reliable even in recent droughts. The descent from 
Standing Indian is fun. Lower Ridge Trail off the summit is very fast into 
the park. Down to AT and around the Kimsey Creek Trail is quite sedate and 
scenic but longer.

There is parking at Deep Gap, and the road is at least as easy to find as 
Wayah Gap. But there is better security at SI campground. Parking is free 
in the backcountry area, or cheap in the campground. The back country area 
gives you a convenient bale out point from Glassmine Gap, and most of the 
blue blazes off of the AT ridge eventually get you there after some road walk.

I wanna go!


At 10:07 AM 6/14/2001 -0500, t. wrote:
>* what's that road like to Wayah gap?  State 1310, from 64? My shuttle
>person is not sure of herself on mtn roads.