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[at-l] Standing indian hike

We do shuttle service also.  But FYI the road 1310 to Wayah Gap is fine,
just alot of curves.
There were bear reports at Big springs Shelter a couple of weeks ago.
There is room to pitch a
tent.  Right now water sources are alittle low, as we have had no rain.
They are calling for some
possibly tonite/tomorrow.  Another suggested hike:  Kimsey Creek to Deep Gap
to St. Indian.
approx. 6 miles.  St.Indian to Carter or Betty Creek Gap, appox. 6 miles.
Then to either
Big spring or Glassmine Gap, then down to Wallace.  A total of about 29
miles. Nice hike.
If we can help in any other way, let us know.
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> does this sound doable?  any comments?  Questions are at the end
> I came up with this as a hike, last night.  some of the miles are
> long, but, the terrain makes it look doable.  what'cha think?
> Start : Wayah gap.
> day 1 : swinging lick gap;  5 miles
> day 2 : big spring shelter; 10 miles
> (an alternate would be the extra 3 miles downhill to betty creek gap &
> a great water source)
> day 3 : standing indian mtn; 13 miles
> day 4 : out.  either 4.2 or 2.4 miles depending on where I park.
> now the questions ...
> * what's that road like to Wayah gap?  State 1310, from 64? My shuttle
> person is not sure of herself on mtn roads.
> * what's water & camping like at swinging lick gap.  It's about a mile
> north of winding stair gap.  the log book said there was water and
> camping here.  can anyone remember this spot?
> * what is big spring shelter like?  is there water?  does the spot
> support tenting?
> * 13 miles sounds like a lot on either day 2 or 3.  I hate scheduling
> that kind of mileage.  I've done it before, but, was very tired.
> * what about camping on standing indian?  is this a good idea? how
> hard is water to find?  the guide book mentioned a source 1/4 mile
> down an unmarked trail. is this true?
> * How about parking???  the options are at deep gap or standing indian
> campground. the difference is 1.8 miles of hiking on the lower ridge
> trail.  but, a lot less driving to/from the CG.  the CG would be
> watched; any vandal reports from the gap?
> Thanks y'all!
> I was just thinking about all this while writing it.   It sure is nice
> to have access to this much information.  Anyone who calls this a
> "wilderness experience" has to be a little touched.  :)
> also, there is one option to this hike.  pitch a tent at rainbow
> springs, and sleep late, swim in the river, drink beer and eat steaks
> for a couple of days.
> t.
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