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[at-l] Help for Dee??

I just spoke with Dee again. She talked with the police who got another call that someone saw a bag of clothes beside the road. The police called those people back and asked them to retrieve the clothing but as the people got there, they saw a pickup truck driving off with said clothing. What clothing, you ask? All her son's clothing!  So, along with her pack and its contents, they are also missing all of her son's clothing. Poor naked kid :(

She is making a list of what will need to be replaced and will contact me tonight. Tiger Lily and her had the same pack so at least she will have a pack that she knows fits well. Waterfall and OB, your presents from this past weekend are being "donated" to the cause. Because they were sleeping in the shelter, she didn't lose her bag, pad, etc. She is carrying an alcohol stove and has an extra at home so that will be easily replaced. (Thanks TCSM)

But.. we do need poles for a Gossamer. She has the tent, but the poles and stakes were in her pack.  If ANYONE has these poles she could borrow for her hike through NH until we can get some replacements, please email me offlist. (if you have a pre-cut ground cloth, that would be great too, although I do have some extra Tyvek around)

(I couldn't help when she had to cut her thru short but dammit, I CAN help now)