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[at-l] Standing indian hike

>* what's that road like to Wayah gap?  State 1310, from 64? My shuttle
>person is not sure of herself on mtn roads.

I think I've done it -- I gave two thru-hikers a lift up there last year.
It's fine, (paved), but it gets curvy near the top.

>* what about camping on standing indian?  is this a good idea? how
>hard is water to find?  the guide book mentioned a source 1/4 mile
>down an unmarked trail. is this true?

Dunno about the water. The view from SI is supposed to be fantastic, but it
was completely socked in when I was there (April 2000). There are obvious
campsites at the summit, and plenty of room. Should be a nice spot, but I'd
hate to be up there in a serious thunderstorm. SI shelter is another mile
south, and has a good stream nearby.

>* How about parking???  the options are at deep gap or standing indian
>campground. the difference is 1.8 miles of hiking on the lower ridge
>trail.  but, a lot less driving to/from the CG.  the CG would be
>watched; any vandal reports from the gap?

There is a backpacker parking lot outside the campground. It's safe AFAIK
(I have left my car there and would not hesitate to do so again.) It is a 5
mile hike down the Kimsey Creek trail to the parking lot from Deep Gap. The
trail is pretty, but it got long at the end.

Hope this helps.