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[at-l] New Year's Ruckus?

<<Anybody out there with thoughts on the topic?  Any show of hands/ideas? Maybe Georgia again?  Maybe the NOC?  Maybe somewhere that hasn't come to mind yet?>>

Okay, I may grow to regret this...but there is room from many if you don't mind the floor here in Asheville (by many, I mean 10-12, maybe more) I also happen to know there is a really nice apartment just a couple miles down the road which often welcomes hiker trash inside it's walls. There are many options for day hikes - I suspect Sly and Cheryl would be thrilled to show off "their" Mountain to Sea trail.

There is also a huge outdoor festival in Asheville the last weekend in July - the 27, 28 and 29th.(www.belechere.com)

Since I already invited a few of the hiking community to come crash here and play, I might as well invite everyone! I will even offer to make dinner on Friday night.

So...come play!