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[at-l] Boston to Millinocket?

Help!  My son just informed me that he has one-and-a-half frequent flier
tickets, and he wants to take his two kids to Maine to see their grandma
(me) and great-aunt (B.J.) off on their final climb of the A.T.:
Katahdin.  They'd drive from Cheyenne WY to Denver, fly to Boston, then
rent a car for the drive to Millinocket, where they'd meet up with more
family members.  This is getting so complicated.  What if we wimp out
and can't finish?  What if the weather socks in and we can't summit on
Aug. 24 (Fri.)?  Is Boston the best place to fly to from Denver?  I
forgot to ask why they couldn't use the miles to fly in to Bangor.
Probably their airline doesn't go there.  Anyhow, he wants me to ask how
long it takes to drive from Boston to Millinocket.  So I'm asking.   And