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Re[2]: [at-l] aWFul Putnam Mine...

>Although I've heard it many times, I'm still at a loss as to what
>"traditional" thru-hiking actually means?

>Since it's such an individualistic endeavor, no two hikes are the same, 
>hike your own hike, etc., what's the message?
>Thanks, Sly

No two endeavors of an kind will be the same.  When I visit Trailplace I do 
so with the full understanding that its creator is promoting an ethic that 
he believes is worthy of consideration.  Its up to the person visiting 
Trailplace to accept or reject that message.  IMHO, most people are smart 
enough to make that decision for themselves.

Two of my favorite writers on some of the things that are rehashed on the 
Trailplace site are Guy and Laura Waterman.  They were way out in front of 
WF on the issue of cell phones, for example.  They were a bit more harsh in 
their condemnation, however.  The wrote that the mear existence of them in 
the backcountry was to be descouraged.  Their books got me thinking about a 
whole lot of things.  Some of the discussions on Trailplace do the same.  I 
think thats good, no matter what one draws as their own conclusion.

I don't see much harm in promoting what R&R refers to as traditional values. 
  Here is the comparison that I would draw:  If a web site devoted to 
international travel recommended learning the language and culture of the 
native people, then further sang the praises of avoiding the international 
chain hotels, that would be just fine!   In doing so, that would not mean 
everyone should eschew the 4 Seasons Hotel.  It would not mean that there is 
anything wrong with being met at the Airport by a tour guide and being 
escorted to an airconditioned bus!  No, not at all.  It would simply mean 
that the person devoting himself to the website has another vision.  One 
that he thinks can add a new dimension not only to the people who travel, 
but to the areas that are visited by them.  Again, promoting that kind of 
international travbel ethic would not mean that any one way of travel is 
best for everyone.
Like I said, I think most people are smart enought to absorb information and 
then make their own decisions.

Rick Boudrie 19AT3

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