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[at-l] Boston to Millinocket?

Wow. lots of questions!

>What if we wimp out
>and can't finish?  What if the weather socks in and we can't summit on
>Aug. 24 (Fri.)?

Others might be better at answering this question of meeting at 
Millinocket. I know some hikers plan extra time to get through the 
100 mile wilderness, if they arrive early they wait in Millinocket 
(going out at either Abol Bridge or at Katahdin Stream Campground) 
and rest up until their folks arrive and conditions permit climbing. 
In August it's unlikely that cold weather will close the mountain so 
you only have to worry about wet/wind/wild conditions. The AT hiker 
will probably be OK in stormy conditions, but unprepared family & 
friends could get freaked out about the summit of K in a storm. So 
you might want to sit in a motel until the weather channel tells you 
it's a go. Also it's possible you want to choose your day for good 
views, safer climbing, etc.

>Is Boston the best place to fly to from Denver?

I live in Cambridge and avoid Boston for the congestion and delays. 
Try schedules to Manchester NH, a much more pleasant experience... or 
Bangor ... or Augusta.

>Anyhow, he wants me to ask how
>long it takes to drive from Boston to Millinocket.

I allow 7 hours but the distance is 300 miles from Boston over good 
roads, barring congestion on bridges and getting out of the city. You 
might do it in 6 hours.

I recommend the bus, it's a pleasant, relaxing trip. Take Greyhound 
(www.greyhound.com) from Boston to Bangor. It's a 4 .5 to 5.5 hour 
trip, costs as little as $22 one way. Transfer to Cyr Bus lines 
(www.cyrbustours.com) at Bangor and go to Medway. This leg is 1 H 40 
Min, costs about $10. Medway is the town at the highway just one over 
from Millinocket. It's a cab ride to town, or a hitch. I think the AT 
Cafe people still offer to pickup/dropoff if you stay with them.

The Cyr bus runs only once per day so it meets the greyhound bus at 6 
PM, getting you to Medway at 7:40 PM. Still lots of light to visit 
the buzzing metropolis that is Millinocket <g>.

Hope that calms things down a little, now take a deep breath... 
ahhhh. --RockDancer
Arthur D. Gaudet         	"Is walking down called hiking, too?"
(RockDancer)  	                 -heard at the top of Mt Washington, NH